Friday, 20 February 2009

Today 11:01 AM
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Hi ladies and thank you for volunteering to set a weekly challenge on UKS.

You need to PM me with the challenge on the FRIDAY BEFORE your challenge goes live.

Your challenge will then go live on the following MONDAY
You will need to post the challenge, along with any links you want to use, in the UKS weekly challenges sub forum in the Inspiration and Challenges forum.

Your challenge goes live on Monday 8th June

Once the challenge is live it is nice if as many people as possible comment on people's pages. You don't have to do this, but it always goes down well.

I won't be back to remind you so maybe everyone in the team needs to make a note of the date now so that you are all aware of it and can remind each other.
If you do need to check there is a stickied thread about weekly challenges and you will find the table of dates in the first post of that thread.

If for any reason the team ceases to run please let me know ASAP as I weill need to sort another challenge out.

You can all claim the points for the challenge too if you make LO's for it.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone for volunteering to do this.

Karen xx

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Please love me

I've put on new lipstick and made my eyes blue
Now will you love me? please say you do
I went to all this trouble just to please you
So Claire, please Claire say you love me too

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Happysnappers Challenge

For Jane's challenge you will need some fabric from and item of clothing that you no longer wear.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Mary's sketch for the retreat

I have also printed out the oval for both sizes of LO so you can stick that on the back of your pp and use as a pattern to cut.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Kat's Sketch challenge

Ok for this sketch you will need:-

For a 12x12 layout

piece of card stock or patterned paper
4 square cut photos (3x3 in size)
1 portrait photo (5x7)
two pieces of of ribbon (12 inches long)
and something to create a title.

For an 8 x8 layout

4 square cut photos (2 x 2 in size)
1 portrait photo (3 x 5
two pieces of ribbon (8 inches long)

Monday, 28 January 2008

Retreat Menu

Ok. Here's Claire's menu/shopping list that she came up with.

If there's anything that needs to be added make a comment and we'll get it done.

Friday Evening
This meal NOT being brought my Hilary as she may be late arriving.

Jacket Potatoes - eClaire x 12
Cheese - Claire
Tuna - Kat
Baked Beans - Claire
Sweetcorn - Kat
Butter/margerine - eClaire
small bit of salad to go with Pots and I will try to make some home made coleslae before I leave- eClaire
and small Lasagne made by Weety?
Friday Pudding - eClaire and Carol will bring a couple
Mary may choose to bring some mince as well if she does not fancy lasagne.

Saturday/Sunday Breakfast
Hilary has kindly agree to shop for all this and we will split the bill
Cereal (people bring their own)
Fruit Juice
Croissants (?)

Saturday Lunch
Fresh bread
Cheese Spread
Pate (please can we have chicken liver if everyone else likes this too?)
Humous - Jane said she would bring
Some fruit
Salad cream/Mayo

Saturday evening

Chicken casserole - eClaire has sent ingredients to Hilary
Other Meat casserole - Hilary to decide on meat and shop for ingredients
New potatoes

3 x different puds - Jane (meriinge something?), & Sadsac (Chocolate something and possibly flapjacks?)


Coffee/tea - Mary has offered to bring this
Wine - everyone bring their own if they want
Cleaning product
Bin bags
tea towels can a few people pack one, but there is a dishwasher
Toilet paper
Soft drinks - everyone bring their own
cooking oil
Chocolate - everyone bring their own if required
Nibbles - everyone bring their own if required

DO WE NEED SUNDAY LUNCH? Need to decide what time people are leaving and if we need another lunch