Monday, 17 September 2007


Hi, this is me, a rare picture!, I don’t normally wear makeup, or dress up this smart!!

I was born in 1964, I’ve been married to Brian for 12 years and have 2 daughters, Georgina and Eleanor, We live in Berkshire with 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a tank of tropical fish. Here we all are on a family holiday:

My life always seems quite hectic - I work each day, in IT compliance, but part time and then from 3pm each day I do the “mummy stuff” I have very active children so I spend a lot of time playing taxi driver and waiting in halls/sports grounds for them to finish tennis, netball, dancing, and swimming lessons, brownies, cubs etc etc, I am chair of a busy school PTA, so this takes quite a lot of my time. I was very proud that last year we raised 13K from lots of events and activities. If I get a chance, I like to play tennis too. I am a member of a Rosemary Connolly exercise class and managed to loose 1.3/4 stones a year or so ago, I don’t exercise as regularly as I should or would like and chocolate is one of my favorite things!

If there is any spare time left after all the above I love to be creative. Before the kids I made hand made cards and sold them at a local art gallery, I used to sew and embroider and paint on silk. Now I pour all my creative energies into scrapbooking which I have been doing for about 2 years.

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