Friday, 20 February 2009

Today 11:01 AM
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Hi ladies and thank you for volunteering to set a weekly challenge on UKS.

You need to PM me with the challenge on the FRIDAY BEFORE your challenge goes live.

Your challenge will then go live on the following MONDAY
You will need to post the challenge, along with any links you want to use, in the UKS weekly challenges sub forum in the Inspiration and Challenges forum.

Your challenge goes live on Monday 8th June

Once the challenge is live it is nice if as many people as possible comment on people's pages. You don't have to do this, but it always goes down well.

I won't be back to remind you so maybe everyone in the team needs to make a note of the date now so that you are all aware of it and can remind each other.
If you do need to check there is a stickied thread about weekly challenges and you will find the table of dates in the first post of that thread.

If for any reason the team ceases to run please let me know ASAP as I weill need to sort another challenge out.

You can all claim the points for the challenge too if you make LO's for it.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone for volunteering to do this.

Karen xx

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Spencer Courtis said...

2012 - years later ...when God created woman, he created the most beautiful of creations on all the earth ...however, i thank God that i am a man. lol

got you on The Captain's Blog

bless ya!