Monday, 21 January 2008

eClaire's Scrappy Cat Retreat class

Dear All for those who want to, I will be showing everyone how to make a circular mini book at our retreat, as originally created by Prisca Jockovic (celebrity French Scrapbooker - have a look at her web site Cote scrap)

Here are 2 examples with lots of detailed pics of the insides so that you can see what sort of embelishments you could use:

original Rose book

Claire's brighter alternative

If you have decided you want to make a book, you will need:

For the structure
4 x 12" square pieces of cardstock. You can use co-ordinating Basil, but any old card will do as it will all be covered except for the base. We will be cutting 4 x 12" ish circles and will need a few scraps for tags and hinges etc.

For Decorating the inside
I used 6 sheets of co-ordinating PP and a few plains, but I had loads left.

You actually need 14 pieces that are 6 x 6" plus a few extra bits to cut up for decorations, so you could manage with 4 pieces of PP + scraps, but 6 pieces will give you more flexibilty when matching patterns and allow for mistakes. Unless you are very good at matching patterns I would suggest that at least 2 of the PPS are fairly plain

If you have managed to trawl through all the links above you will see that anything goes, suggested items are: blooms, brads, buttons, stickers, tags, ribbon.

Items you MUST have
You will need some co-ordinating ribbon to make the ties to shut the book 0.5m will be fine.
Glue, you can use whatever you normally use to stick down all the papers and embelishments, BUT you will need propper glue like UHU or Bostic to actually stick the bits of the book and the spine together. Each book I have made has used a whole tube (big) of UHU!!!!

Spine - this is a bit tricky, we were given a great bit of burgundy fabric/tape, you can stick it on and the glue will not show through like ribbon. I am off shopping this weekend to see if I can find something similar. Obviously if the colours work, we could all share 1 or 2 rolls. I will let you know. My second book does not have a spine yet.

Tools, - nothing special needed, scissors, an eyelet punch to fir extra flaps in - I have one that anyone can borrow, paper cutter - again, you can use mine if you don't have one.

Photos - Its up to you if you make a blank book or add the photos as you go. if you want to bring photos you will need smallish ones. If you look in my example there are 2 sizes, 4 x 3" and 2 x 1 " Also in the Rose French book I have used the small thumbnail prints that come on the index sheet when you get your photos developed, or you can print your own thumbnails.

I won't be at all offended if anyone does not want to make a book, if you do, just fire away with any questions that you have.



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