Monday, 21 January 2008

Scrappy Cats Sleeping Arrangements


OK, room allocation.... reading the web site for the rooms and taking into account the last few posts. Here is a suggested sleeping plan for the rooms. I am really not fussed where I sleep and who I share with and on which floor, I can sleep anywhere, anyhow so will hapily move myself around if this helps anyone:

There is one biggest bedroom with ensuite and 6 foot bed. As Hilary has kindly offered to share with DQ I suggest that they should have this biggest room. It sounds like you could fit a blow up bed in it as well if you don't want to share the big bed

Another double en-suite - 1st floor - suggested for Mary
Another double - 1st floor - Kat has asked to sleep alone so could have this room

Then there are 3 x twin rooms 1 on the first floor and 2 on the 2nd floor up, How about : Jane and Zahra sharing, Carol with Claire and Weety with Sadsac

Let me all know what you think. If we sort this out in advance there will be no trouble will people arriving at differernt times, they will all know where they are going.

Or any other combinations? post them back

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